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Higuchi Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
44 Kinzoku-danchi,kakamigahara,Gifu,504-0957,Japan
Seeking to become the company every one mentions as No. 1
It is known that Japanese manufacturing companies have maintained a highest-level of industrial technology in the world. Especially in the field of automotive industry, the technological supremacy is so conspicuous that this small archipelago has several of the world top car manufacturers.
Hundreds of thousands of cars produced at factories of these makers have been exported to other countries all over the world. It is know-how and technology which Higuchi Ltd. and other car parts makers have developed and possessed that has sustained the quality of Japanese cars.
In the auto parts industry, technological fractionalization and innovation have progressed rapidly.
To our regret, however, it is difficult for us to show others clearly how excellent our products are when they are completed, because at the time of completion, they are combined with other parts to form new cars.
But we are confident that every of our products has the world highest-level of quality.
We firmly believe that the 21st century is the era in which, more actively than ever, we should seek for global business activities, and appeal to others the supremacy of our products. In order to lead such a business strategy to a great success, we, Higuchi Ltd. as a whole, are ready to strive for refining,
and developing higher levels of, technological knowhow in this field.
We are proud that Higuchi Ltd. has already achievedthe world top-level quality of ideas and technological knowhow in the field of car parts industry.
We pledge to keep making further efforts for securingand consolidating the position of No. 1 on this planet in this category.